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NCG specializes in quick concise illustrations that explain, in a glance, the depth of trauma and recovery your client has gone through. We have a database of thousands of illustrations that we have at our disposal, combined with your client’s photos, X-rays, MRI, CTs… your exhibit becomes a custom graphic that will demonstrate your case properly. After 33 years in business we do not have to invent the wheel for every case and our invoice reflects that. NCG is a family operated business, started in 1989 offering a wide range of visuals such as medical illustration, charts, and photo reconstruction/manipulation. We offer a complete assessment of what type of exhibits will work for your case along with a winning finished product. In typical Personal Injury cases we summarized and categorized all the medical reports for the use of descriptive terms and formulating the best layout along with the best impact visually. At NCG we specialize in incorporating CTs and MRls into 3-D images that demonstrate your client’s injuries and legitimize the basis of our illustrations. One of the advantages of a small company is you can count on excellent personal service. No matter where you are in the U.S., we stay connected. So whatever the case, NCG can produce cutting edge visuals that best represents your client.

Trial Exhibits

Due to the depth and complexity of your cases any explanation you give can always be strengthened by the use of informative trial exhibit or trial graphics from NCG Courtroom Visuals.Read More »

Medical Illustrations

Medical Illustrations are one of the most useful tools in a personal injury case or medical malpractice. The Judge and Jury need to comprehend the injuries your client has endured.Read More »


Trial attorneys from all over the country have come to recognize NCG Courtroom Visuals legal design team as the leader in high quality legal designs and trial exhibits.Read More »

3D Trial Graphics

NCG Courtroom Visuals legal design team has the unique ability to transform your X-ray’s, CT’s and MRI’s into 3D images and videos which communicate the nature of a medical procedure.Read More »

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About NCG Courtroom Visuals

NCG has been removing ambiguity and doubt in the courtroom with clear and concise medical illustrations and trial exhibits since 1989. Often times legal conflicts or medical misfortunes can be obscure and complex making them difficult to comprehend. With the wide selection of trial exhibits and demonstrative evidence services that NCG offers any case that can’t be strengthened.
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