NCG Courtroom Visuals legal design team has been in the trial exhibit industry since 1989. Trial attorneys from all over the county have come to recognize NCG Courtroom Visuals legal design team as the leader in high quality trial support and trial exhibits. Read below and learn more about some of the experiences other members of the legal community have had with the expert legal design and legal support team from NCG Courtroom Visuals.

The model that North County Graphics Created for us was extremely instrumental in our recent verdict of $4.5 million.

Michael Goldstein

Law Offices of Michael Goldstein

North County Graphics is exactly the type of company a trial lawyer needs, excellent work, extremely dependable and always creative. No job is too small, too big or too late to handle. Their help always makes our case clearer and more understandable.

Benjamin C. Bunn

R. Christian Hulburt

NCG did a great job of creating a visual center piece for my case and in just two exhibits the entire case theme was laid out for the jury. The two trial exhibits focused the jury on our theme of the case and were instrumental in keeping the case simple but powerfully focused on the facts that were central to our successful defense. As usual, NCG did a great job in emphasizing our evidence and making the exhibits persuasive.

Tracy Richmond

Law Office of Dwight Worden

…Before the case began we were offered five hundred thousand, after we were through my client was awarded $11,500,000.00 When I polled the jury after the case was over their comments kept coming back to the exhibits. Even the judge was impressed with the trial exhibits. Working with NCG is like having a whole graphics team in my firm…

Jude Basile

San Luis Obispo, CA

We have worked with North County Graphics for over 15 years. They have always been there for us. Fast. Dependable. Highest-quality. When you need something done fast and done right, North County Graphics is the go-to source for us.

William S. Lerach

Lerach, Coughlin, Stoia, Geller, Rudman & Robbins

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North County Graphics has been removing ambiguity and doubt in the courtroom with clear and concise trial graphics and medical illustrations since 1989. Strengthen your legal case with visually striking trial graphics and demonstrative evidence from NCG Courtroom Visuals.

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NCG has been removing ambiguity and doubt in the courtroom with clear and concise medical illustrations and trial exhibits since 1989. Often times legal conflicts or medical misfortunes can be obscure and complex making them difficult to comprehend. With the wide selection of trial exhibits and demonstrative evidence services that NCG offers any case that can’t be strengthened.
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