NCG Courtroom Visuals legal design team has been committed to the legal community since 1989 by providing clients with the highest quality in medical illustrations, demonstrative evidence, trial graphics and trial exhibits. We at NCG Courtroom Visuals pride ourselves on our ability to provide unmatched legal support by successfully communicating with our customers. For over twenty years our legal design team has been producing outstanding custom medical illustrations and trial graphics that are both informative and eye catching. Our work has proved itself time and time again to be an invaluable resource in the courtroom. If you have any questions about legal design or trial support options please do not hesitate to ask.

Trial Exhibits

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Medical Illustrations

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3D Trial Graphics

  1. From traditional x-rays to custom medical illustrations, all elements can be combined into a simple animation to show the complexity of your client’s injuries.
  2. When an MRI or CT is done on a patient many slices are done which can be viewed individually or compiled into a 3-D model. Starting at $500.00 NCG can take...

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About NCG Courtroom Visuals

NCG has been removing ambiguity and doubt in the courtroom with clear and concise medical illustrations and trial exhibits since 1989. Often times legal conflicts or medical misfortunes can be obscure and complex making them difficult to comprehend. With the wide selection of trial exhibits and demonstrative evidence services that NCG offers any case that can’t be strengthened.
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