3D Trial Graphics

An X-ray or MRI is a useful trial exhibit for legal support, but can be vague and unimpressive by itself. NCG Courtroom Visual’s legal design team has the unique ability to transform your X-ray, MRI or CT into 3D images and trial videos which are not only more visually captivating trial graphics, but better serve as demonstrative evidence to communicate the legal nature of a medical procedure or injury. These 3-D images are compilations of many scans put together to better view your client’s injuries. Call John Alesi today to see how NCG can create a 3-D image from your CT or MRI at 1-800-427-8712.

  1. From traditional x-rays to custom medical illustrations, all elements can be combined into a simple animation to show the complexity of your client’s injuries.
  2. When an MRI or CT is done on a patient many slices are done which can be viewed individually or compiled into a 3-D model. Starting at $500.00 NCG can take...
  3. Using NCG Courtroom Visual’s demonstrative evidence and trial graphics services can be excellent tool. Contact John Alesi for information at 1-800-427-8712.
  4. With over 30 years experience creating medical illustrations, NCG can give you a quick, free estimate and a timely turnaround for your next exhibits.

About NCG Courtroom Visuals

NCG has been removing ambiguity and doubt in the courtroom with clear and concise medical illustrations and trial exhibits since 1989. Often times legal conflicts or medical misfortunes can be obscure and complex making them difficult to comprehend. With the wide selection of trial exhibits and demonstrative evidence services that NCG offers any case that can’t be strengthened.
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