Medical Illustrations

NCG Courtroom Visuals legal design team specializes in trial graphics and medical illustrations. With over 20 years experience working directly with attorneys and their experts, John Alesi and his legal design team can provide you with invaluable trial support by effectively conveying the complexities of your legal case like no one else with medical illustrations, demonstrative evidence trial graphics and trial exhibits.

Medical Illustrations are one of the most useful tools in a personal injury case or medical malpractice. The Judge and Jury needs to comprehend the injuries your client has endured. Without an in-depth look at trauma, surgery and recovery of those injuries there is no clear understanding. At NCG our mission is to educate and empower your jury, insurance company, or judge through the use of medical illustrations, diagrams and video. Each case presents it’s own challenges but with over 24 years of working on a wide array of cases and completing over 1000 medical illustrations our team is confident to give you the most accurate, compelling exhibits to help you win your case. We offer x-ray colorization, complex custom medical illustrations of trauma and surgeries, video-taping of surgeries and editing, and future surgery renditions.

About NCG Courtroom Visuals

NCG has been removing ambiguity and doubt in the courtroom with clear and concise medical illustrations and trial exhibits since 1989. Often times legal conflicts or medical misfortunes can be obscure and complex making them difficult to comprehend. With the wide selection of trial exhibits and demonstrative evidence services that NCG offers any case that can’t be strengthened.
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