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When you need to create an understanding of your case facts, NCG can help you turn raw data, medical reports and imaging into clear and concise exhibits.

Medical Illustration

With thousands of NCG's Medical Illustrations used in Trial and Settlement since 1989, our team can effectivly demonstrate your exhibits.

Time Lines

Time Lines  can fulfill the need to educate your jury with pertinent events in a clear and concise manner.


Animation can bring an important educational tool to the courtroom. Injuries that appear vague at first glance can be relieved of ambugity.

Our team

Since 1989 we have been helping the Legal Community bring clarity into the courtroom. Our specialty is pouring through your client's medical reports, emergency room notes and surgical reports to find the most impactful elements of the injuries to bring forth in the exhibits.  Call us today and we can talk about your case.

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Our team will exam all pertinent medical reports on your case, create an estimate for your review and illustrate the trauma, surgeries and future surgeries to create the best demonstrative evidence for your case.


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